Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A List of What I've Done in My Summers

Because I don't want to feel like I've wasted all of it. (I probably did anyway.)

This summer (2017)
  • Minor existential crises. (may or may not write more on that later)
  • More language learning (hopefully more in-depth): French, Swedish, Taiwanese (a.k.a. Hokkien or Min Nan), tiny bit of Japanese (mostly its phonology)
  • Calculus:  I hope to fill in the gaps because I did kind of crap last term. Unsuccessful so far, as I haven't managed to stay awake when studying.
  • Applied Mathematics and General Physics: see above.
  • Baking: read and tried out a bunch of milk-and-gluten-free recipes (because of some alternative therapy my mum's making my little brother try); also found the perfect recipe for banana bread (not gf or vegan though)
  • Fitness: managed to train myself to run 5k without wanting to die (as I'd been able to do before high school) before my period came and killed my twice-a-week running streak. (fine, I've also slacked off a bit.)
  • Work experience: none. Too late when I remembered to find a job.
  • Driving lesson: none. Same reason as above.
  • Epic summer experience: none. Felt bad having to spend parents' money to have one.
  • Sleeping pattern: still not rectified. Writing this at 4:21 a.m.
  • Books read: none. Working on How to Lie with Statistics

List to be continued

Last summer (2016): uneventful but fun (mostly)
  • Graduated from high school.
  • Major existential crises
  • Tried out vlogging (uploaded one video before forgetting about it)
  • Obsessed over my first ever manga (and anime) with friends, and oh the great fun of it! (it's Haikyuu, FYI)
  • Went to a language acquisition course. Confusing but interesting.
  • Had fun with high school friends. 
  • Went to Lulin Observatory (finally!)
  • Got a volleyball and practised alone every day.
  • Panicked over uni. (Still panicking.)

Summer 2015
  • Studied for uni entrance and moaned about it.

Summer 2014
  • Mostly prepared for trip to Australia (a mediocre Chinese-teaching project)

Summer 2013
  • Graduated from middle school.
  • Planned a trip to Finland and went there. (little me had such ambitions)

Summer 2012
  • Studied for high school and moaned about it.

Summer 2011
  • Cooked and took care of family. 
  • Suffered from a mental illness that I didn't know until months later.

Summer 2010
  • Graduated from primary school.
  • Started learning French, if you could call it that.
  • Started having walks around the city by myself. It was wonderful.

Summer 2009? 2008?
  • Went to Mum's school (she worked there) with Mum and little brother. Read in the library, played around in the field, and had fun.

Summer before
  • Forgot. Summer school, probably.


  1. This is random! Did you do more this summer than other summers or just remember more? I'm still technically on holiday, but in the proper summer, I went to the pool, practiced flute, wet running 5 times a week, had a chick flick movie marathon, knitted a long but rather ugly scarf, had many existential crises (all the time, man), read plenty of books, went on a 10 day hike, watched brooklyn 99, had fun (mostly), cut my hair short!

    1. Haha yeah, I was in one of those existential crises. I think I just remember more, because this is the closest one. Sounds like you had a really fun summer! But WHOA running 5 times a week is so hardcore. I mostly go running in a primary school near my home, but running around in (200-metre) laps is just really boring, I lost motivation. Where did you go hiking? I don't think I've ever been in a mountain that long, should try it someday. I watched Carol! And I also cut my hair short, because I just couldn't stand having long hair anymore (having thick hair doesn't help).