Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'm Back: update, still in a bundle of nerves

wait, no. don't answer it. i know you all did.

I am delighted to announce that my blog is back into operation after nearly four months of hiatus. Gosh, I miss my blog.  A lot has happened during my hiatus, and you are about to be subjected to my recounting the past four months that probably won't make any sense, in a blogpost. Wish you good luck.

Turned out that I didn't really finish those piles of books.
About half of them are for revising, meaning that they've got everything sorted out and organised into charts, with loads of multiple-choice questions for me to practice and get familiar with the concepts. My plan was to do a textbook read-through first, and to use those review books after that. The result? Well. I could hardly finish my history and I didn't even finish geography (dang it!). 

At least I got my sciences sorted out.

I got a new haircut and donated my hair
I've been meaning to donate my hair for a while. It got really long and heavy, making it hard to clean and take care of, so I got rid of it the other day and donated. The hair dresser kept telling me while cutting my hair that I have a lot of hair. Like, A LOT. I guess I won't have to worry about hair loss when I grow old.

I have no idea that my hair could be so creepy though. I once read a story where a stand of cut-down hair starts moving around and strangling people and it used to creep me out so much. I'm guessing that the author must have donated her hair before.


 (that's my new haircut in the middle.)                         

Star Wars 7 happened. And I have still yet to watch it. 
Did I mention I got spoiled? I don't know what kind of nerd I am anymore.
I planned to do a complete Star Wars marathon to review all of them before going to the cinemas, though. I really hope I'm not too late.

I am an adult now?!
To be more specific, since January 6th, 2016. I'm 18 now, which means I can legally drink (not that I had drunk alcohol before), drive, and watch movies that are rated R. Oh, joy. Except for the fact that wine is disgusting, I don't own a car or a scooter and riding a bicycle is better anyway, and there isn't really any R movie that appeals to me. Well, other than Godfather and The Danish Girl. I freaking want to watch TDG but it isn't out until February in Taiwan. What the hell?

And speaking of Taiwan...

We have a new president! Our first ever female president!
See, it's all very exciting to me because
a) it means that Taiwanese are willing to vote for a female and put power into her hands. Giant leap for us!
b) she's a total cat lady, and
c) she's kind of an introvert (which probably doesn't sound good for her to be a leader of a country but hey, don't underestimate introverts. We've got power.)

The. Exam. Is. Over. HUZZAH!
I'm still reeling from the exam. I mean, I still feel pretty anxious and restless, a bit jumpy but listless at the same time. It feels weird to not have to study that much a day, but it also feels so much better.

We were pretty lucky because a cold wave that was supposed to arrive that day was late, thus allowing us to write without our fingers falling off. Anyway, the results won't be out until February, although I know roughly how it went. Maths is (as usual) the bane of my existence, and the other four subjects are okay, I guess. 

There's still a terrifying path that is college application ahead of me, not to mention if none of the colleges I applied to accept me I'll have to study for another test that is a lot more harder and complicated and vigorous and vicious....But one step at a time.

And then came the freak cold wave aforementioned
Let me tell you how freaky it was. Taiwan is right on latitude 23.5 N which means it's part subtropical, part tropical. (Yes, we're smack dab in the middle.) Har har har. Tropical, eh? We got freaking 2 degrees Celsius in the northern part of Taiwan and 6 Celsius down here in the South. And it snowed in places that shouldn't even have snow. People were all excited but all I felt is that climate change is really f*cking us up. Sigh.

Aaaaand that's about it. It seems that nothing much happened though, now that I scrolled up and read what I just wrote. Eh, Taiwanese students have pathetic lives. 

There are lot of things that I want to do now that the exam is over. I'll be busy with college application soon after, but hopefully I'll still find time to blog. I don't know if I'll keep up with my book reviews, since I've been a bit restless and I don't really feel like sitting still and reading, but we'll see. I also want to try my hand at vlogging, if that's possible and if my family don't find me too weird talking to a camera. And if I somehow find a way to obtain a camera, that is. 

It's so good to be back. 

How have you guys and gals been doing? Tell me everything!


  1. YAAAAAYYY YOU'RE BACK!!!!! Well done on finishing those exams!! I'm sure you did fine. I used to be really good at maths, but then I started doing calculus. It drives me insane. Taiwan 2 degrees? That's so weird (and sad, with climate change. Speaking of that, my godfather was like 'it might be a bit of a change, but it's mostly just natural harmonic temperature rises' We all told him he was wrong) Your new haircut is awesome? I have elbow length hair and it's easy and I wouldn't mind it longer but some day I'll cut it all off. I'm with you, wine tastes disgusting, the few times I've had a sip. I heard about the taiwanese president. That's awesome. WELCOME BAAAAACK!!!!

    1. It's so good to be back. :)
      So I viewed the answer the other day and well...let's prey that my maths doesn't go TOO bad. But calculus? I'm so looking forward to it because it sounds so cool and badass, and a lot of physics needs calculus. I'm going to have calculus next term, so I'll see how it goes.
      I know, it's also sad that the effects of climate change is so tangible but people don't seem to try to slow it down.
      Thanks! I used to have it a little longer than elbow length too and cutting it off is really refreshing. You should try it someday! I don't understand wine, ugh. I haven't tried beer though, I heard it's better because it isn't as strong. I really hope things will get better when she's in charge, as Taiwan's kind of in a difficult position right now.
      And now you got me all excited about blogging. *hugs you*

  2. So first of all I just wanted to send all the love and takeout your way because of the earthquakes in Taiwan <3 <3

    And of course welcome back! It's so fabulous that you donated your hair -- I used to have really long hair but I didn't know I could donate it when I cut it all off. It was also freezing here in HK -- not yet negative Celcius, but one day we were colder than Iceland was that day?!? So freaked out about climate change.

    1. Thank you! It's extra bad timing with Lunar New Year around the corner, but hopefully we'll recover soon.

      Ah, there's always next time for you to donate. Colder than Iceland?! That's so unnerving. (colder than the land of ice. what even.)

  3. Hi Melody, Are you on hiatus again? I read your posts with a lot of interest. I wish you well.

    1. Ah, yes, it's been a while since I last posted. What's happening is that school started again, and it's a lot more demanding than I had thought. With college application on the horizon the future feels really uncertain right now, and the workload at school is still pretty intense. So yeah, it's probably going to be quiet here for a couple of weeks. I'll be blogging again when things start to settle down, though! Thanks for sticking around (I'm so glad you find my posts interesting!) , and I wish you well, too.