Saturday, October 3, 2015

Some More Photographs

in which I decided that I am to busy to blog so I'll just put out some nice-looking photographs that'll hopefully grace your computer screens?

Ha ha no, just kidding. Hope you enjoy them anyway.

The first few are from a while ago when I was visiting my grandparents.
I'm actually pretty impressed that my phone camera is capable of shooting this. That berry was like 10 cintimertres in front of me.

This adorable thing. Just. Awww.

The photos below are from a vacation in summer. We went to the southern tip of Taiwan, where we went cycling for about 50 kilometres while the sun burnt us all and and left us looking like tomatoes for the next few days. But the landscape was breathtaking so it was kiiiinda worth it. Okay, okay, the trip was really amazing.

I really hope you enjoyed these. know, winter is coming. You might not be able to see this kind of sun for while. Mwahahahaha.

Unless you live in the southern hemisphere. Then well, enjoy your summer.


  1. AFASKJLSDFKLJ so prettyyyyyyyy. Seriously, how do you take such pretty photos? I take at least 200 in order to have 1 respectable photo of a book. Gah.

    PS: But in the southern hemisphere, they have to put up with ... wait for it ... FIRE AND BLOOOOOD. *spider attack from Australia*

    1. Haha thanks. My phone did most of the job for me, plus the perfect lighting and scenery, it's hard to not take a pretty photo.
      Eh, I think there are plenty of spiders here in the northern hemisphere already. *sends northern spider army*

  2. It's summer and I'm in the southern hemisphere! *laughs at cold people across the equator* (lets be honest though, today it's raining. It's normally sunny) Taiwan is so beautiful! Or at least the bike ride is. The sea kind of looks like New Zealand sea, but it looks hotter. Those are great pictures and it looks like you had a lovely time! In October I had a break from school so I also went on a 50 kilometre bike ride. It was in the middle of the himalayan foothills and super dry so not quite as scenic... bike riding is so much fun! If you want the summer but not the fire, blood, spiders, and snakes, come to New Zealand. There are NO snakes in New Zealand and just nice weather and scenery. (why I've become a travel agent, I don't know. I normally live in India...) :D

  3. Actually I enjoy winter a lot more than summer, ha. Subtropical winters are the best. And thanks! Taiwan is beautiful but I think people sometimes take it for granted.
    Yes, bike rides are great fun! 50 kilometres sound like such a huge distance but with a bike it just whizzes past. (Until you feel it the day after, with all the sore muscles and sunburn)
    Technically that sea is the same one as New Zealand sea, as it's the Pacific Ocean, but I'm sure it's a lot hotter here. :P I'd like to visit India one day though, it seems very mysterious and awesome.
    I'm sure New Zealand is a lovely place--in fact, my family lived there for a while when I was little, and my dad is still nostalgic about it, especially the summer and the scenery. (Ooh and speaking of New Zealand, what do you think of the flag referendum? Personally I really like the new flag.)

  4. This is Taiwan? It's GORGEOUS. Your photography skills are impeccable, I could stare at those alll day! What do you use to take photos? DSLR or a phone camera?

    1. Come closer. I'll tell you the essence of all my photography secrets: it's a phone camera. XD
      Seriously though, thanks! My phone did most of the work for me, plus the perfect lighting and scenery, ta-da, pretty photograph :P. (come to Taiwan. There's more! (looks like I've become a travel agent as well...))