Friday, June 19, 2015

Things Physics Can Do To Your Brain

I shouldn't be writing this post, but whatevs.

When you study for over a period of time, your brain will start to go nuts. Brilliant ideas for blogposts will start popping up (expect a post on languages and another on music, hehe) and also, funny, comical images. And then there's the extreme mood swings. Trust me, this is painful and delightful and insane, condensed in one book called Physics. I do love physics. But that's what love can do to you, ripping your heart in to shreds, baby.

Now, I'll show the the good, the bad and the ugly of physics.

Scratch that. I'm gonna make it even more fabulously intense. Let's go.

When things are all mixed up in one problem and you can't figure out whether you should apply conservation of energy, or you messed up and accidentally missed a minus--BAM, disaster.


When you FINALLY solved that ridiculously complicated problem and begrudgingly move onto the next problem, expecting it to be equally as nasty and then...and then--OH GOSH THIS ONE. THIS ONE. Wow. That easy? You'll suddenly have the urge to laugh hysterically with the sound of hyena.

Or it might just be me.

And finally,


Now that we've covered the surprise, I'm introducing something even more intense. You know those moments when you're moaning about all the maths you learn is a waste of time? My recommendation: DO PHYSICS. (chemistry will do, but there's no ellipses in chemistry is there? )  When maths and science gradually take each other to be their constant friend and faithful partner and all that stuff, MAGIC HAPPENS. When you start to actually apply vectors and parabolas and ellipses to things, it'll feel like everything is going to be perfect. When you see logarithms in use and hyperbolas existing on your chemistry diagrams, you'll see the light, THE LIGHT OF DIVINE. (okay maybe not, but you get the point.) Now I really look forward to learning calculus. Look what physics has done to me. Kids, do your maths.

The actual finally,

THE ART (portrayed in the crappiest photo quality): 

physics can inspire the craziest artwork. certainly picasso did physics, eh?

Basically the problem goes like this: An object of 2 kg with the speed of 6 m/sec bumps into a 1 kg object that is at rest. When the distance between them is within 6 m there will be a constant opposite force of 4 N stopping them to, you know, reunite. (Or whatever they want to do together. I'm guessing these objects like hugs.) No friction involved. Closest distance between the two objects?

Don't look at my calculations. It's totally wrong, I'm crap at collisions. (in case you're wondering, in a collision when two objects are closest to each other they have the same speeds, and you can draw a v-t diagram (or not) to calculate the distances each has moved, and ta-da!)

Fortunately this doesn't solely happens with physics. The portraits of old Chinese poets and writers I drew are nuts, I tell you. Ah, well, I reckon they were already kind of insane anyway.

see if you can guess who he is. shouldn't be too hard.

(also I sometimes add captions or speech bubbles for text book figures. maybe in another post, though. this post is dedicated to physics.)


A serious lack of posts recently. I blame it on exams. Sorry folks. You shall wait till two weeks later, when I finish my finals.

Or not. University entrance exam is thumping towards me like a T-Rex, after all.


  1. Girl, you're scaring me! I'm having physics this year. xD I love your adorable drawing though. :P

    1. I'm also scaring myself, if that makes you feel better...XD
      Aww thanks. As I said, physics can inspire the craziest artwork. Or maybe I just drew that out of boredom...
      Physics is actually really fun though! You just need to find something about it to love. (and it might not be that hard if you're just starting out, I think.)

  2. THIS IS SO TRUE. Especially about the artwork -- I once drew a crazy number of sheep on my physics worksheets. Two of them were reenacting the Reichenbach Fall episode of Sherlock. Good luck with your finals and entrance exams!

    1. HAHAHA that image of sheep wrestling at the fall is now stuck in my head. And now I'm curious: what kind of physics are you doing that made you draw that? XD Also, do you watch Minute Physics on Youtube? Because sheep+physics=that brilliant channel, and it's also the first thing that I thought when I saw you mention sheep.
      Thanks for the good luck--I really need it!

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