Friday, May 22, 2015

That Was Either Very Kind of Me, or Just Very Stupid

I may or may not have been a bit dramatic creative with the title. What? Blame Buzzfeed.

The Back-Story
In my homeroom, I have about two friends that I get along with better than I do with others. (Some would call them "best friends", but I don't use that phrase lightly. Maybe in the future, I hope.) There are various reasons that we get along well, including liking strange, weird and cool stuff, having similar sense of humour and somewhat similar personalities. But one of the important reason is that are interested in similar things like I do, as in, science.

The Case
So when we knew this upcoming event in which students can conduct experiments and meet scientists, we were thrilled. We, and the rest of the school. Okay, just half of the school. Or a third. But that was still more than available. When the three of us knew this piece of precious information, and decided to partake in was only available for two. Whoa there, it was a big deal. It was like The Mother-or-Girlfriend Question. Uh, that's a bad analogy. More like, Three-People-on-a-Crashing-Plane-that-Has-Only-Two-Life-Saving-Parachutes-Thingy-so-Let's-Decide-Who-Will-Live-and-Who-Will-Die Question (which i just made up, by the way.) One of us had to opt out. The time was ticking. The opportunity would be gone anytime at the moment. We didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but we all wanted to sign up for it. (welcome to my high school)

The Decision
That was when I made a decision that was probably either the greatest sacrifice I've ever made or the stupidest thing I've ever done. I know, I know, I'm dramatising, but it did feel like that then. Yep, I gave up the opportunity for my two friends. It felt weird. I knew I felt glad that they could participate and that it was me who made that possible, but at the same time I was upset as heck because I wanted it so bad, and also felt stupid because I had just gave up one of the best opportunities I've encountered.

It happened at lunch break and next up was Physics, during which I could hardly concentrate because I'd been running around arranging and asking about the event at lunch break plus I just cleaned up a huge puddle of rainwater (that was later on mercilessly filled up with rain again) and waited outside the lab for ten freaking minutes when I could have taken a nap, and I was so freaking tired due to long-term sleep deprivation, and I felt extremely emotionally conflicted. Oh, and also because I didn't revise or preview the subject the day before. Basically I felt like crap, nodded of, woke up, and nodded off and so on until ten minutes before recess.

The Resolution
I refused to just give up. I would use my puppy dog eyes if I had to (or...actually, forget that. I don't have those.) During recess I ran over to the lab and asked again. GUESS WHAT? They allowed for another person!!! Me!!!! ("Only this time because you only got the information at the last moment. None of this next time.") And now I'm starting to worry if I am smart enough to deal with the physics they're teaching. Sheesh.

I DID get to join, so it's all fine now. (Actually, the event is tomorrow. So excited. So nervous.) I just wonder, if I didn't get lucky and get to join, what would happen?

The Moral

The End (for now)
I don't even know why I added these weird titles. Oh well.

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