Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mini Movie Review - holy cow when have I watched so many movies??!

Oh. My. Gosh. It's been so long since I last tend to this blog. And I know it's the millionth time I'm saying this, but I've been busy. There will be more blogposts come up in these weeks though, because I had just finished my mid-term exam! Whoohoo! What? You want to know about the results? Shhh, I'm trying not to think about it because worrying something I don't know yet isn't healthty, okay? Okay.

Like I said in my last post, I have loads of stuff to share with you, and I didn't have the time till now. Over the course of what...five months? there's one thing that I did quite more often than I used to, and that's watching movies. It takes a lot of time, and I just didn't have the time to really sit down to enjoy it...but when I got the chance, just sitting down and relax felt so nice, regardless of what movie I was watching. Here are six (yes, I know. six. What.) movies that I came across, and imma tell ya all my feels!

Duh, what have taken you so long, Mel? It's like the truth universally acknowledghed that FROZEN is a must-see. Anyway, what's important is that I finally jumped onto the bandwagon that's full of fans who let it go. And I must say that I was again amazed by Disney and its animation. It's brainwracking to imagine what they have to do to make a whole movie from nothing but ideas. Not that other movies arn't hard to make, but at least you can get footage with a camera when filming movies like Harry Potter while you have to make everything up when dealing with animaiton.

I really like the whole concept of the story, kind of a retelling of The Snow Queen, I've heard. The movie mainly focused on sisterly relationship, and I love that. It's refreshing to see things other than romantic relationship that leads the plot (not that there isn't one in FROZEN). Another thing I love about the movie is that it kind of portrayed anxiety in it. It's an important factor in the story, and seeing Elsa (one of the main characters) dealing with it and getting over it is inspiring in a way. The fear and anxiety was portrayed with something visible, and I think it'd help people understand it better.

What bugged me was that the story seemed to wrap up a bit to fast and the resolution came too easily. Hardship in life doesn't work that way, you know. But well, movie is mainly for fun, and making it too hard and depressing isn't really what we it's a childrean's film, so it has its reasons to be all merry and fun. And who doesn't like happy endings, really?
Still, some sad endings make nice movies. That's what I watched next.


Here goes our gross weeping session... I watched this with some of my friends. I warned them. But did they listen? Of course not. Half of us came out of the movie theater puffy-eyed. I couldn't blame them though, the story on top of cancer and sad music IS kind of a tear jerker.

I'm really glad they had John Green on set when filming. The movie stays really true to the book, if they cut out some part, I didn't notice. Like the book, the movie is hilarious in some parts and heart-breaking in others. I usually connect with characters better when watching movies, you know, with those images and sounds and all, but I wasn't immersed in this one that much, I guess it's because I'd read the book and had known the ending, and I didn't love love love that book (it's still a good book worth reading though!) Or maybe the acting is just not my type: while people adore Augustus Waters, what I feel from the movie is "oh, what a jerk". (Um, sorry.) Maybe it's the carefree attitude. [highlight to read spoiler]Or the fact that he decided to continue to have sex with Hazel in Amsterdam, only telling her "oh hey, by the way, my cancer is back and all over my body. I know you love me, and love you too, but just so you know, I'm gonna die soon." AFTERWARDS. No. Unacceptable for me. [spoiler over]

It's not that it's different in the book...I guess movies streghthen my connection with the characters, but also deepens my emotions and visionalize what I didn't really see in the book.

But it was okay overall. (HA. See what I did there?)

Now this I love. I love it. It's really fast paced, it's badass, it inpressed me. I'm so glad that it lives up to all the hype, which is a great deal. Most of it stays true to the book, unlike some other movies (*cough The Lightning Thief cough*). My only complaint is about the cast. I mean, I remember that in the book Tris is little and short, and that Christina is the one that's tall and lean, but in the movie they switch body sizes? Nevertheless it didn't really affect the awesomeness of the movie. And after watching these two movies that Shailene Woodley starred in, I'm pretty sure that I'm a big fan of hers. And she seems really cool in real life, like some kind of a hippie? I'm not sure it's the right word but yeah.

Don't even get me started on this. (You started this yourself, Mel. You started this.) I had high expectations for this. Really high expectations. Emma Watson is in it! It's a retelling of Noah's Ark, one of my favorite stories in my childhood! The trailer looks so promising! How does it turn out? Hint: not good.

 First, it's really religious. I know that Noah's Ark is from the Bible, but it doesn't have to be so full of god (no offense to those religious people out there) and those divine stuff. It feels like I was constantly being preached duing the movie. Emma's talent was wasted. All she did was whine and cry and scream. Not to mention the protagonist, Noah himself. He was okay in the beginning, but he started acting psychotic when creatures started boarding the ship. [highlight to read spoiler] And on the ship he even wanted to kill his daughter and then her children because he thought humans are so retarded that they didn't deserve to live on Earth, and believed it's what the god wanted. He wanted to kill his family, for god's sake (literally)! [spoiler over]

On the brighter side, I like how this movie depicted humanity-- lust, love, fears, doubts, beliefs and what humans would do when their lives were threatened. Not a pretty scene. (feels like it's not so bright after all, huh?) It's disturbing, but those struggles are real. I guess I shouldn't be so harsh on Noah...?


So this and the next one are for music class. Because my music teacher is awesome like that. But this one? Euhhhhhh...No. This movie is about Chopin, and his relationship with the French writer, George Sand. And I tell you, it destroyed my previous imagination of Chopin.  I didn't actually know a lot about the musician, but I didn't expect it to be so...dramatic. Even my teacher said it's exaggerated in the movie, so that's that.

The beginning is pretty good, I think. It's powerful, where Chopin was forced to leave his homeland. And then the part where he met our female protagonist, George Sand. This part is nice, and I was chanting ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (Beatles) all along. And then it went way downhill. I feel so, so sorry for Sand's son, Maurice, he's the kid that feels unloved and jealous of Chopin, not just because he kind of stole his mom, but also because Chopin was so much talented than he was. There was also a daughter, but it was so bad I'm not going to talk about it. Later in the movie Chopin acted like a total brat, and Sand just kept being his babysitter/mom/lover. Basically during the other half of the movie all I can think about is Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift. Hope that clears it up.


I speak no German, but I think the title means Wonder something. I agree wholeheartedly. This movie is a wonder. It's clever, happy, heartbreaking, heartwarming and sad all in one. In this movie, three kids who loved music in Ukraine became friends, but unfortunately, they live in the time of World War 2, and what's more unfortunate is that two of them are Jewish, and the other is German. This movie is about how their friendship grew and how they help each other in hard times. It's really clever because there is a part where the Soviets intrude Ukraine and the German family are in danger, so the Jew family helps them. But then, before long it is the Jewish family that's in trouble because the Nazis have come, and it's the German family's turn to help them.
If that's not enough to convice you to watch this, here's another thing. The soundtrack is amazing. The kind that will linger in you mind for days and make you want to cry. Seriously, watch this.

And that's all the movies I watched these months! Have you watched any of these (dont' count FROZEN in, hehe)? Did you watch any other movies? Let's chat down there in the comments, and thanks for reading!              


  1. I've seen Frozen (totally counting it. XD) And Divergent! And TFIOS! I LOVE THEM ALL SO SO MUCH. I would really like to watch Noah. My family saw it and they all said it was good, but it looks really looooong. And I'm hopeless at long movies. >.> I have a short attention span, ehhe. I so can't wait for The Maze Runner and If I Stay to come out on DVD. AND OMG MOCKINGJAY WAS AMAZING!!! I saw that in cinemas last week and ajfsdlkad Peeta ajdfklasd.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I have something to confess... I haven't watched any of the Hunger Games movie. Not even Catching Fire, which I heard is really, really good. So well, that's next on my to watch list! I also really want to watch If I Stay, The Maze Runner and also Interstellar. (And I'm also waiting for it to come out in DVD going to the cinema is too can buy a book with that money!)