Saturday, June 7, 2014

Library Lunacy

What comes in mind when you think of libraries? Quietness, warm lights, people placing every one of their foot gently on the fluffy rugs as they walk, and the magical aroma of books?

Well ladies and gentlemen: today, you'll experience a whole new perspective to a library! Brace yourself, this is not gonna be all comfortable.

About a year ago, I started to prepare for The Exam. The exam that decides which senior high school I go to. Needless to say, I freaked out about it. Or...not really at first. It was only the teachers that freaked out then.  And then I couldn't get grades that reached my standards in the prepare tests, so I freaked out (officially), as well.
They found the reason is that I couldn't concentrate when studying at home, because, people, I live in an apartment, which means everything including the TV, the internet, the refrigerator, is less than three steps away. Now, I'm not saying that it's the faults in our apartment (sorry, can't help it). I myself have lost the ability concentrate a long time ago, and I haven't had the determination since...let's not talk about it. (Don't look at me like that, I'm trying hard to regain both of them!)

Anyway, the solution to me being distracted every five minutes was this.

Yep, the library.

And apparently, I wasn't alone, because every time I walk into the library, it is packed. (Is. That means the situation pretty much remained the same.) That wasn't not really a big deal to me at that time, though. I was fine with it as long as I had a place to study without disturbance, but ha, here's the catch.

Want a place to study? Nu-uh. You have to fight for what you want.
The library opens at 9:00 a.m., but people started to gather at the front door at 8:00 a.m. As time time came, the roller shutter, ever so slowly, rolled up... and up...and up....Finally, when the gap was wide enough for a person to pass through by squatting, all hell broke lose.

Okay, it might not be so crazy, but it was close. Everyone--with their handbags and books and the remains of their breakfast--scrambled through the tiny gap. As soon as they passed the gap, the race began. People pushed and pulled and elbowed and bit each others, striving for the stairs--those that led to the best seats in the whole building (those who take the elevator have never made it to the good seats in time.) It looked pretty much like this:


Well, you know what I mean.

This, for me, was something that amazes, amuses, frightens and saddens me. Especially that people had to fight for such simple thing as a quiet place like this. It was also a bizarre scene: people being in such a rush in a library, and all the noise didn't help with the situation. The noise all these rugby-like activities make was....I'll leave that to your own imagination.

Good thing was,it lasted about five minutes. Bad thing was that there was another crazy? outrageous? anyway, another behavior. Often, at lunch or dinner time, they left the library for their meals, but they didn't leave their seats alone! (Not in some creepy way though. Calm down.) They left some of their personal belongings there so that no one could take their seat. Well how about just getting a name tag saying it's mine?

So there was another bizarre scene: the seats vacant but many other people lingering around the reading area, having no place to sit down and read. Glad that there were policies that take care of these.

After all that mess, the library would be back to normal, the quiet cozy haven that I longed for. I could finally go through all the books on the display shelf, touch the book spines,

smell the books

and lastly, find a book and settle down in a corner, open it and.....WAIT, I thought I came here for another reason, right? Yes. YES. You were there to STUDY. 

Gah. I always forgot that I had so much work to do with so many books seducing me in all directions. Every. single. time. Those little lovely bastards. Nothing can be done with them.
At last, I still managed to find a seat and finally studied. It wasn't that bad, actually. As long as you find the seat. Well, at least the story doesn't have a bad ending. I got admitted to the school. Cuz I'm such a hardworking student. Ha.

How often do you visit your local library? How are your visits? What do you do there? Anything unusual to share? Share them down below! Also, thanks for reading! 


  1. That's strange . . . I've never heard of such a thing. Was it a school library you were going to? I visit my local library fairly regularly, but only to pick up and find books. I never go there to just hang out or study. I do that a lot at my college library though.

    1. Well, it's not a school library, it's a city library but most of its visitors are students. Most school libraries aren't open after school, so we students can only go to city libraries or study places where people are charged to stay there. It can be a bit frustrating sometimes.
      I always borrow books when I go study at the library. You can say the former is inevitable. :目

  2. I feel lucky that that never happens at my local library. It's still quite a quiet place to work, study, read, or even write. I try to visit the library as often as I can, although that sadly is not as often as I'd like, but ah well. Congratulations on getting admitted to the school!

    1. Aw, lucky you! I need to try to visit the library more often, too, but I always end up forgetting to return the books.
      Thanks for the congratulations, the school turned out to be pretty nice but lots of hard work is needed to keep acceptable grades. Also, thanks for commenting! :)