Sunday, June 1, 2014

12.5k Completed

Last Sunday, I completed my first ever 12.5k run. WHAT?!

I've liked running since elementary school; maybe it's because I can run faster than most people in my class or I loved the excitement when I was dashing around. And the fact that I love playing tag is perhaps another plus. Anyway, it triggered my passion for running. When I found out that I wasn't good at short-distance runs, I challenged myself to running long-distance instead. And so I started...

and the farthest I've gotten: 12.5 kilometers (okay, 7.7 miles for you Americans). You gotta admit that. It's pretty amazing.

It all started as a charity road running my friends invited me to. You see (no, Mel, they don't see. Tell them), there were three distances to choose from. 6.5k, 12.5k or 22.5k. In no way would I run 22.5k since I was still inexperienced and was sure that I wouldn't make it; 6.5k isn't challenging enough for me. (I'm humble like that. Hmph.) So there was only one choice left; 12.5k. Fun fact, I actually thought it was only 10k all along. It wasn't until two days before the run were I told it was 2.5 kilometers longer than I thought and I freaked out. Dang it. But it was also a bit exciting! Maybe I'm a bit masochistic, but I wanted to try my extreme limits.


It was indeed so darn extreme. First things first, you wake up. Not that early, just 4:30 am.Then we arrived at the stadium where we start. And gosh, the crowd. It was another thing that boggles me: as we say in my language, mountains and seas of people (or as we like to make fun of, people mountain people sea.) Every one was jammed together like sardines

and there was no space to actually take off and run, though it was a charity road run, for crying out loud! In the past road run I've participated, it was nothing like this. I usually run like there's a crazy dog chasing after me at the beginning of the race to get rid of most people around me so that I could run comfortably in the rest of the mileage and it usually worked. This time? Not at all. However hard I ran, there were people all around me. Not just around me: I looked forward-- a long torrent of people, the crowd extended to the horizon; I looked backward--crowd, crowd, crowd.

But actually, besides all the aforementioned, slightly frustrating stuff, my run was fabulous.

The weather was perfect, cloudy and a bit chilly; the scenes along the way was interesting and some people were pretty nice, like, encouraging-people and pumping-others-up kind of dudes. Also, there was water and sports drink and food along the way! It was until then that I realized how refreshing and precious a cup of water can be. The doses of sugar that I got from the sports drink, which I thought pretty "unhealthy" in normal days, fueled me and helped me finish the run; honestly, I never thought the sugar would make use of itself in this way.

The best part was, of course, the moment I finished the run. I felt relieved, exhausted, excited, light-headed and heavy at the same time.Years ago, I read a book called Feeling Sorry for Celia. (It's really awesome so if you haven't read it, do it now!) In the book, the protagonist Elizabeth is a runner (mind you, a marathon runner), and when asked why she loves running so much, she says (or writes, since the whole book is composed of letters and notes. HOW COOL IS THAT?!) it's the feeling you get when you stop running after you ran for, like an hour or 10 kilometers or longer that keeps her running and makes her love it so much. I couldn't really understand what she meant then, but after finishing 12.5k, it's hard not to understand and appreciate that feeling.

Another thing that made this weekend activity so awesome was my friends. Running by yourself is a thing, but running with friends is totally different territory. It keeps you going even though you're s tired that you don't think you're going to make it, you have someone to talk to while running, and you have someone to talk about running after that!

The only downside of running such a long distance (it's a long distance for me, okay?) is that you'd be totally worn out afterwards. 

Yes, it takes two gifs to show how exhausted I was. But hey, it's definitely worth it, and you can get a little extra sleep! Because we all know that we bookworms lack exercising so much. Also, it's a good excuse to get away with it when your parents question you the reason why you're sleeping instead of studying. At least that's how I do it. And let me tell you, the sense of accomplishment and awesomeness is incomparable.

I, Melody, a half nerd, have completed yet another life achievement! (with mismatched socks, just in case you're curious.)

Do you have the hobby of running? Have you been in a road run? Share your experiences, and thanks for reading!


  1. WOW. I SO ADMIRE YOU RIGHT NOW. Sorry...all caps totally necessary. x) That's amazing and congrats for finishing!!! I run. I love to run. But it's more like my private thing? I always run early, like from 7am, and I do 2.6km everyday. I'm pretty pleased that I've got it down to 15mins, but I'm not exactly doing much to make it harder for myself. lol I'm such a softie. I don't think I could EVER do something like 12kms. That's amazing and insane. hehe. But woot! Go you! You have reason to be tired out!!!

    1. In fact, I think it's pretty amazing that you run 2.6 km in 15 minutes, AT 7AM, EVERYDAY (all caps also necessary here)!? I do long run, but it's like, once in a blue moon; I don't even have a regular work-out plan or whatsoever :P. Maybe we're just different kinds of runners? But running rocks anyway :D !!!