Saturday, April 12, 2014

Head or Heart

As long as the waiting might have seemed, Head or Heart is finally out! Yayyyy *does happy dance*! Christina, I've been waiting for this moment for so long!

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A few days ago -- accurately, April 1st, and no, I don't think it was a April Fools joke -- another great album is released by one of my favorite singer, Christina Perri. I hadn't realized it that day, though, pulling pranks and being fooled pretty much occupied the day, until I got home and went on YouTube. To my surprise, my subscription box was full of Christina's head. (I mean, on the thumbnails of the songs. Gosh, that sounds pretty creepy...but whatever.) Then it finally it me that the day was the release day of the album!

After listening all the songs on YouTube, I immediately decided that I'd buy it. Oh, scratch that, I think I had decided to buy it the moment Christina announced there existence of her second album. The singles and all those songs on YouTube only proved that my "impulse" of buying it was actually "rational" (does that make sense?). The album killed off almost nearly half of my pocket money, but it's totally worth it!

I was kind of shocked when I finally got the album I ordered and opened it. Guess what? Everything is blank. Okay, not everything essentially, but almost. But I decided that I liked it soon after the shock was gone because it's just so simple and clean, no assumptions, no biases unless you listen to the song.

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Like many other singers, Christina writes and sings songs mostly about love. I have to say that I'm not really interested in the topic -- love between men and women is hardly my concern -- but for me, her songs are much more than just love. Many of them can also be about hope, trust, frustration, sadness etc., in short, life, and they supported me through a lot of my hard times.

Mu absolute favorite song in the album would be "I Believe".  It nearly made me cry the first time I ever heard it, and the lyrics really spoke to me and comforted me when I needed help the most. Aside from the lyrics, the melody is also the kind that you would tap the replay button again and again for. The song is simply beautiful.

Another favorite is "Lonely Child". This one isn't actually about hope or life but generally, the song is catchy, I mean, catchier than other songs in the album, and Christina's voice is truly amazing in it. She's the kind of singer that uses all her might to sing and sings her heart out. I just love it.

This is actually what I got.
Other songs that I like particularly are Butterfly, Run, One Night and Be My Forever.  You might have noticed now that most songs I like are sad songs. Yeah, I'm miserable like that. (Just kidding, but I really have a thing for sad songs. Or songs that have minor tunes.) I think Christina is the master of sad songs. (Also, Lana Del Rey.) No? Go listen to her last album (not EP), Lovestrong and come back and tell me Lonely or Jar of Hearts  aren't just... sad. 
I love sad songs. Arrg.

If there's one thing I have to complain about the album, (now dedicated fans, please, please skip this paragraph. I'm not that worth punching.) it'd be the cover. It's just not my thing. I don't hate it, but I can't understand those who "love it so much". Personally, I think the covers of Lovestrong and A Very Merry Perri Christmas are both better than this one. Perhaps that's because I'm used to seeing Christina with only one yeah. Don't punch me. Please.

But seriously, I love the album, and I love Christina (no, not the creepy stalker way). And I'm definitely looking forward to more songs of hers!

Have you heard of Christina Perri, Lovestrong or Head or heart? What do you think of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments and thanks a lot for reading!

p.s. The last song is I Believe, and the coolest thing is that the last line of the song. This is the beginning. Just whoa. 

(I don't know if this is just a tactic that every singer use. I mean, I remembered later that Taylor Swift also ends her album with Begin Again. But I like it, anyway.)

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