Friday, March 28, 2014

Talking about Ourselves

I really like to talk about myself, don't I? 

If you're that super kind person who reads most of my somehow ragged blogposts, it's not hard to find that in most of my posts, all I talk about is myself. Me me me me me me. I sometimes feel like an egotistical git when I read others' blogs because nobody else writes so much about themselves. I wouldn't fit into the factor Abnegation because I'm not selfless enough. (This is a Divergent reference, if you haven't read it, read it, because it's pretty good.)
Isn't there anything else to talk about?
Well yes there is, things are happening all around the world as I'm writing this post, yet I'm still talking about myself. Why? For me, expressing oneself is one of the most important things in the world. Just ask anyone who's been a mom or dad or a babysitter. Ask them. What do infants do? They cry. Why do they cry? Most times, we don't really know! And they just keep crying and moaning and groaning and making us frustrated. So we begin to guess. Need food? Wanna pee? Tired? Miss momma? JUST TELL ME, WHAT DO YOU WANT?! (Obviously I won't be an authorized babysitter or a suitable mom any soon. Humph.) And they're  just  babies! I mean, the basic needs of a baby is quite easy to reckon in comparison of us complicated grownups who, gah, are all different and sophisticated and are not even sure of ourselves and what we want. If we don't express ourselves as clearly and specifically as possible, how are we to achieve anything else acquiring others' help?
 And human society is, again, in my opinion, consisted of people's thoughts from everywhere. If we don't express ourselves, nobody else would, as they're not some magical angels that can read our minds and do what we want simultaneously. 
Sometimes it's not that I want to express myself to somebody else, but that I have too many thoughts stuck inside of this thing made of neurons and tissues and who knows what else that is connected to my neck, this miraculous yet frustrating thing, also known as the brain. When I started this blog, it hadn't occurred to me how much I needed to speak (or write?) up. As I came to notice more little things in my life, things that are more to those trivia came and demand to be said. I developed strong feelings towards many events and remarks from all around me, and I started to think more, to dig deeper down and see what's inside. Somehow, I find it important to know what I'm  exactly thinking about. Yes, I'm just that kind of a thinker. 
As for the reason why I keep these on the internet instead of a little secret diary? Slim as the chance is, I hope to reach out and connect to the world outside. That is, all the people that may or may not know me, who may or may not give a **** (I'm sorry) of what I have to say. And to those who may care, maybe you somewhat feel related of maybe you have a completely different idea. It doesn't really matter because  what's important is, by reading what I wrote, thoughts may be provoked, and by the slightest chance you can be somehow  inspired and that's what I would really like to witness.
Honestly, those sounding oh-so-glamorous ideas aside, I need someone else's opinions because I've been stuck inside of my head for too long. The more I write, the more I find out about myself, and by writing about myself, I argue and debate with those voices in my head, trying to find an answer.
This whole article probably sound totally ignorant and self-centered. And full of errors. So whether you're just some random visitor or not, thanks a lot for taking your precious time to read all these ramblings. I really appreciate it!

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