Saturday, February 15, 2014

My First Encounter With Tennis

I've always been somewhat fascinated by tennis. I don't really know why, it's just sort of a vague idea or a nice impression left in my mind long ago; maybe it was those amazing Olympic tennis players, or maybe the advertisement has finally knocked some of their marketing conspiracy into my mind......
The point is, I finally got a chance to play real tennis!

 It was in a PE class that I first met tennis. Honestly, when I heard that there's a "tennis court" in my school, I though it was not for real tennis. Maybe it was a spare land for other uses such as volleyball or basketball, but never for tennis because it really isn't a popular sport in Taiwan and I guess all the equipments must be rather costly.

I was wrong, though. Not only did they actually teach tennis, they also lend a racquet and some tennis balls to each person. As soon as we got those racquets, we started wielding them like we'd just gotten our wands from Ollivander's and bouncing around like school girls--well, we already are, anyway, just a bit older.

So there, off we went, our adventure to tennis. And it turned out to be more of a tragedy than an adventure.

First, we have to know how to hold the racquet and control the ball. I thought it would be rather easy to hit a ball with such a large racquet. Hell, no. It wasn't anything like that. Not at all. The raquet was heavy, the ball was hard and unpredictable. We practice by bouncing and hitting the ball on the ground like dribbling a basketball, except it was a tennis ball and that we were "dribbling" with a tennis racquet. After several ferocious but futile struggle with it, I ended up having a sore arm and a entirely sweaty body.

Tennis Players - Image

And then, we learned about how to wield the racquet correctly. We got five balls each, stood behind the baseline and tried to serve the tennis balls. Most of the balls didn't even make it to the net; some merely did but then rolled limply on the ground. And there were one or two that actually flew over the net. Some would land at the right place once in a while, but the other times they simply flew over the baseline--and even the walls and right out of our lovely campus.
At last, the class was over. The teacher must be super relieved when we finally put down the racquets: no more devilish students wielding a destructive device prancing around, and no more random balls flying across the air anytime. We put the racquets back into basket and arrange them, and then the balls. The balls put altogether reminded me something familiar but I couldn't recall what that was. Then it hit me (no, no puns) when the work was done.

     Image Credit
Yes, they look like ORANGES, don't they?
Sorry, tennis, but you really do...

Despite all that complaining and slapstick behaviors, I'd really like to try more tennis. It's fun and still really new to me. Well tennis, I'm looking forward to see you next time! Though you may not be...

Have you ever played tennis? How was it? Share your experiences below, and thanks for reading!

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