Saturday, January 18, 2014

NCIS: The One That Got Away

Today, you'll learn more about me, my obsessions, the TV show NCIS, and one of my favorite female characters--Ziva David. So folks, get ready to be brainwashed by my crazy share!


There are lots of criminal-investigating movies and TV shows; I can name a bunch of them without even trying to recall--CSI, Sherlock *squeals*, The Killing, The Millennium Trilogy (initially books written by Stieg Larsson), Bones, Grimm, Torchwood....and more!

What's so special about NCIS, then?

First, the characters. More specifically, the team led by "Boss" Leroy Jethro Gibbs, which includes computer genius McGee (I prefer calling him McGeek), Tony DiNozzo, the human weapon Ziva David, Chief Medical Examiner "Ducky", his assistant Mr.Palmer, Director Vance and, another favorite of mine, the lab queen Abby Sciuto.

I know, I know, this is starting to sound like an everyday school drama--but it's not. Through their Service of Investigating Naval Crimes (see what I did there? ), not only action-packed, but also full of great family legends, friendships, some unspeakable pasts, people with stories and a may-not-be-so-important-but-essential element: loads of humor. That's what I like in NCIS--it contains so many stories in every character that sometimes, it's even heartbreaking to see, yet the humor balanced some of the seriousness out.

The girl I'm going to talk about today, as previously put, one of my favorite female characters. In the story, she used to be a Mossad agent, who then transferred to NCIS and became a citizen of the USA. A burden she carried from the past is that she killed her brother to save Gibbs' life. Given her special background, she is very, very good at fighting. I'd say that she's totally a kick-butt character. Every time seeing her face a giant-sized terrorist, I can't help but smile because the enemy doesn't have the faintest idea how powerful she is! Seeing her beat some strong guy into a pulp (I'm exaggerating...) is almost satisfying.

However, she isn't just a warrior. She is often cute.She used to be called "probie" by Tony because she joined the team in season 3, but she always have a way to talk back and give witty remarks to him. There are also some hilarious words coming from her because she's not familiar with the English language. In the next few seasons, she earns trust and fondness from all the teammates, and, of course, grows a lot. (I mean, mentally.)

When I saw the news that she's leaving (you should have known. No? Look at the title.), I was shocked. And then sadness follows. She's really special to me because she's my first agent when I first watched NCIS. I know that there was Kate before her, but in my heart, Ziva is always the best. NCIS without her would be really strange, and I'll definitely miss her. I haven't watched season 11 yet; I'm stoked to watch it but also pretty scared to see her leave. I just love her character development.

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A character in a TV show leaving is inevitable, so I'd better get used to it. I really hope that the new agent is as good as Cote de Pablo (That's the actress starring Ziva.) I guess I won't be seeing Ziva for a while, but she will always be the strong female character that I love.

Have you ever watched NCIS? How do you feel about it? Have you seen the new agent? Comment down below and thanks for reading!


  1. I absolutely love NCIS! it's my favourite TV show, I love the mix of humour and drama. And ziva is my favourite character too (closely followed by Abby).
    I do realise I'm commenting on a post that's three years old, oh well, that's me 😂

    1. Oh my gosh, I didn't expect anyone to read this. Not the the cringiness that is 15-year-old me or the even more cringeworthy writing. Okay. *tries to calm down (and fails miserably)*
      Wow, that was a long time ago. I actually haven't been following NCIS that closely for a while--I don't even know which season NCIS is on right now. I think I do miss Ziva (and she remains one of my favourite characters!), but Bishop is also so,so kickass and adorable in her own way. Have you watched the more recent episodes with Bishop in them?
      And hey, thanks for commenting, despite this post being three years old. Any comment is welcome, I suppose, I'll just have the endure the cringiness that is rereading my old posts. XD

    2. Your writing isn't cringy! I enjoyed this post 😆

      I'm currently watching season 11 and Bishop hasn't appeared yet, but I'm looking forward to "meeting" her 😂😂 So sad Ziva's gone though! Oh well, I can always watch reruns lol

      I have my own blog at if you want to check it out? (I take any opportunity to advertise myself 😅)

    3. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blogpost, and I can't wait to know how you feel about Bishop. :)
      Sure, I'll check it out. You have a lovely blog name, by the way!

    4. Thanks!
      Sure, I'll let you know what I think about her.
      This post has actually given me an idea to write something on my own blog about my favourite TV shows! So, thanks? 😆

    5. Just watched the first episode with Bishop in it, and she seems really cool and smart! Can't wait to see the next few episodes. :)

    6. OKAY I'M SO SORRY TO DISAPPEAR ON YOU. I've been working on my lab report these days and just sort of forgot this. Anyway, I'm glad you liked Bishop! :)

    7. Don't worry! XD
      I've been looking through your blog and it's great! But I notice you haven't posted anything new in ages... I'm just saying XD

    8. Thanks! I've been really busy since I started uni, so I don't have the time to properly run my blog or write posts that I'm satisfied with. :P I've had some ideas that I'd like to talk about though, so uh, we'll see if I can muster up the time to write it up?

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    10. Yeah, I get ya, sometimes you just don't have time to do anything XD