Friday, November 29, 2013

Doctor Who: the Twelfth Doctor!

If you're a super Whovian like me, you might have already known that there will be a new Doctor coming up--well, technically a new face for the Doctor, since he's still the same on the inside but anyway.

For the who aren't watching or haven't tuned in for a long time, here's a brief explanation:

The Doctor is a fictional character of the BBC TV show Doctor Who. He's an alien from a planet called Gallifrey and uses knowledge, technology and a kind heart to save the world. As a time lord alien, he can "regenerate" when badly wounded or about to die. After the regeneration, he'll have a new face, new voice, new personality and well, almost everything new. (And for BBC, It's a very convenient way to change actors...) The current Doctor is portrayed by Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor.This Christmas, the eleventh Doctor will again regenerate, replaced by the twelfth--Peter Capaldi!

Actually, it won't be the first time he show up in the program. Nor the second. The first time he appears was in the episode Fires of Pompeii, which is the second episode of season four in the new Who. He was the father in the family which the doctor saved from pompeii. (Extra fact: Karen Gillan, the companion of the eleventh Doctor was also in this episode--she was a sorceress working for one of the monster!)

Coincidence?! I THINK NOT. (or is.)

The next time Capaldi showed up is in the fiftieth anniversary special of Doctor Who as the twelfth Doctor. We didn't really see much of him, though, only a pair of eyes. Scary, fierce eyes. And that's enough.
See? Now you know what I mean.

According to Doctor Who News, the twelfth Doctor, unlike the previous two, will be a "snarling beast". "He's going to give us a whole new kind of Doctor," excecutive productor Moffat said, "now it's time for the old beast to snarl at you for a bit!"
I fully enjoy the previous doctors portrayed by David Tennant as the tenth and Matt Smith as the eleventh and the current one. Tennant-Doctor is talkative, easy-going and witty, while sometimes regretful or cheeky (and, according to my observation, seems to be the most kissed so far); Smith-Doctor is a bit child-like, cheery, compassionate and caring, having a face of a young man but a heart of a very old person....sad, I know.
So, I'm really looking forward to the next doctor, although many say he might be the last incarnation....but for now, let's just enjoy the new doctor and expect some amazing episodes!

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