Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trip Planning―part 2

Sorry for the late update! It's been hectic these days, in spite of the all-day-free summer. The main thing I'm working on is, of course, the trip. We're going just the next week!
Gosh, I am freaking nervous and excited! But I'm also always worrying anything that might goes wrong anytime, so every detail is definitely important at this point. (Ah yes, we were in the middle of the whole trip planning details last time, weren't we?) Well then, keep reading to find out what I did and prepared for this trip!

Flight tickets are, well, fight tickets.Not much to talk about. I bought KLM, aka Dutch Airlines. I'd just say it requires huge determination to click the button to pay...
Websites I looked for airlines:
And if you could understand Chinese, here's another...

We'll take the trains for most of the connection between city and city. We chose to visit bigger cities because so it won't be too hard to find the right train at the right time. Plus, we can sleep on the night trains on long-distance travelling. It saves time and money for hotels―just killed two pigs with one bird! Or maybe three pigs―we bought rail passes instead of one way tickets. They're extremely useful, with rail passes you could travel frequently by train in specific continuous days, hop on and off any train at anytime you like!
So then I went on the website of Rail Europe (I call it Eurail for short).

I'm really an amateur of buying and booking things online, thus I spent lots of time dealing with everything and freaking out any moment. But I, pathetically, stil pretty much messed up.
I hadn't log in before I booked the rail passes. Start of tragedy. After booking, no confirmation mail was received. Most tragic of all, I already keyed in my dad's credit card number,and the price was really something! The consequence was about twenty emails sent back and forth between the company and I (mind you, mine was really crappy) and lots of panic.
Just want to say, don't make the same mistakes like I did, log in before you book anything so there will be booking history, and it'll be easier for you to check if your reservation is okay.

In big cities like Helsinki and Tampere, city cards are available. There are two types of cards, with the cheaper one you can take trams, busses, ferries and subways; with another you can also visit museums!
Only for transportation
For transportation and museums and more!

 If you want to visit the main tourist attractions, taking tram route 2 and 3 is quite a good choice.
As for the bus from the airport to downtown, take bus 615, 4.5 euros per person for one way (ouch).
Hostels are perfect accommodations for people like my dad and me, who budget everything, want to save as much money as we could and don't mind rooms without classy interior designs. You  cook your meals yourself and share bathrooms. Sometimes you share a room with other travelers. So, not recommended for fastidious fellows...(Though that's fine for me, my parents are quite freaked out when I booked two beds in an eight-people dormitory for one of the nights. I know, it seems rather bold and reckless, but what else can I do? Do they prefer camping or couchsurfing? There are no more hostels left...)

Websites for hotels/hostels:

What to Eat:
I'll decide that after arrive. After all, that's the fun of traveling: experiencing local life!

Fortunately, summer is on our side. Get it? Finland and Taiwan are both in the north hemisphere! The only problem is that Finland is at a latitude far more northern than Taiwan, which means it's still colder there. So I prepared T-shirts, a jacket with a hood and some sport pants and jeans for the chilly but sometimes warm weather and a sweater and a pair of shorts just in case.

Note the open/closing time of stores and museums, and also the lifestyles of the locals, so you won't travel all day to somewhere you admire for years and then discovering the door locked, lights off and a frustrating sign saying closed...that'll be very disappointing.
For other infos and details, I'm too tired and lazy to check and write them one by one. I've heard that the visitor's center is a great place when you need help! 
Those are the ones I can muster in my mind now...tell me if they're useful, interesting or give me some advice please? :D
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By the way, keep your eyes open! I'll post about my trip to Finland if I survive in high school in the future, so yeah, if you would like to, stay alive and anticipate them!

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