Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trip Planning―part 1

This summer is far more busier than I imagined, yet I enjoy it most of the time! (exception? Cram schools...) What makes me more ecstatic is our trip abroad will no longer be a dream, this is really happening !

This trip, there's no travel agency planning for us, we (my dad and I) are planning it ourselves. Since my dad is busy, a high proportion of the whole trip is planned and dominated by me, a fifteen-year-old girl who is a total newbie in this big project. I really hope it'll turn out a good one, otherwise we'll probably come back without any  good memory and bankrupted (undoubtedly  a great deal of money is bound to be spent...)
I tried to arrange the trip form the most basic part, and I believe everyone do things this way, planning a trip or not....
On this, I've pondered for weeks. Flight tickets, safety, expenses, preferences, climates are all repeatedly considered. One thing certain is that we're going to somewhere in Europe or America because , first, they're exotic enough and many are historic, I want to see, experience and taste something very different from Taiwan; second, they're mostly highly developed, I really want to take a look of everything there, how and why they can make them so convenient, satisfying or elegant; or perhaps check if they're really as good as I imagined, e.g. public transportation, schools and libraries.

When and the duration?
It's impossible to be arranged in July. I have to work in the library and July is almost over anyway. We decided to stay there for only about a week―in spite of the expensive tickets and rare oppertunity to go abroad―which means the trip will last for nine days or more (including the flying days). After all my dad can't have more days off.

That's obvious, my dad and I.

We'll go there by plane, it saves time and is quite a comfy way to travel. After we arrive, we might go around by train, subway/underground/metro and bus, so knowing the time table is important. And to save more money/be more frugal, we very likely will buy "passes" : (city) day passes for visiting museums, taking busses and ferries; and railway passes for unlimited train traveling in certain days.'s my decision:
We're going to Finland.

I don't know about you, but here in Taiwan barely anyone goes to Finland for I can almost see my friends' jaw dropping to the ground and eyes bulging out just imagining telling them the news.
 Yes, Finland. 

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We could go anywhere. Want something romantic? Go to France. Something historic? Go to Italy. Tropical? Malaysia. Gentleman-y? England. Scenic? Switzerland. Modern? New York. Tower-y? Czech. Anywhere.
Not saying that Finland is a bad place to visit. NO, absolutely not. In fact, I think she's brilliant since I read some books and saw calendars about countries in northern Europe when I was younger, about 10 or 11. They showed lots of photos including lakes, streets, people, buildings, and forests and gave me the impression of beautiful and breathtaking natural landscapes, clean and neat cities. No swarms of people bustling around or in huge lines to purchase something, unlike other tourist attractions. They've fascinated me since then. So that's northern Europe.
For Finland, well, I'd say I have a crush on her, and it only increased when I read about her education (and compared with can learn that from previous posts...). I know the education part may not be fulfilled by stepping into their country andsay "Hi" and become their student. But still. Crushes ain't that rational, dude.
Oh, and did I mention she's the home of Angry Birds, Nokia, Moomin AND Santa Claus?( I know, that isn't included in the no-people-bustling-around part. But for Santa's sake, IT'S SANTA!)
Plus, it's almost melting here. Going to somewhere cooler is relieving!

Now we've almost decided everything. Now details.
"No detail was too small. It was all about the details." -- Brad Grey

Well wait. I think that's enough for today. And I'm tired now.
If you're still interested, welcomed to come back and read more later on!

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