Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Spoiler

I hate studying during summer. ( Oh, great. I'm gonna be very grouchy in this post...)

Call me lazy bones, idler, loafer or whatever. I just finished my first big, important event in my life―the Basic Competence Test, which I'd pored my eyes out, studied for three years preparing for; now my only and very likely the last free summer is here, and I'm opening my arms, ready to embrace this brand-new (though only two-month) life of getting enough sleep, having a healthier life (both physical and mental), relaxing,perhaps re-inventing myself, and learning whatever I have lusted for from long ago, not those dry knowledge, endless exams and homework from school.

BUT, something's wrong with it. No, everything is wrong. Here's how it happened:
(The conversation was translated from Chinese)
The day right after my graduation
*Phone rings*
Me: Hello?
Woman: Hello, is this Melody Chen?
Me: Speaking.
Woman: This is @@@@@ cram school. We'd like you to come and try some of our high school pre-study lessons. Are you interested?
Me: Not really, sorry.
Woman: You know? As a high school student, it's hard to keep up with all the lessons without extra studying in cram school. Most HS students, even the brightest one has come to take our lessons. Especially now the special ¤§¤§¤ university entry program is up, your every grade/score at HS  will be vital.
Me : Uh-huh? (Now groaning silently)
Woman: And between HS and junior  high is a huge knowledge gap, which teachers in both schools think it would be taught in the other, at last no student learn it from school.
Me: Um, yeah? (Nooooo!)
Woman: Our responsibility is to fill the gap and make every students who take our lessons shine in HS. Would you like to talk to a senior from your HS and ask for some advice?
Me: Um...
Girl: Hi! First of all congrats for passing the test to our school. That year, I was just like you, done with the Test. Then I joined this big family of @@@@@ cram school. I had been like you, reluctant and only want to relax but now I'm super grateful for going to the cram school it helped me a lot and all the teachers ("crammers," I said under my breath) are full of enthusiasm and kindness and are all very smart......"
This kind of conversation goes on and on, one by one, every day. That naive little me was so annoyed that I thought it's plausible that if I go there and take the lesson, they'd stop it; and maybe, just maybe, they're right?
(A month later)
They were somehow right. HS lessons are absolutely obnoxious, vicious, complicated and monstrous (okay I'm exaggerating. A little.). The teachers there are also not that crammy, but quite humorous and have good skills in teaching (they must though, otherwise who would have wanted to listen to them?). At some times I enjoy having class.
So then here's what's wrong. Other times I doze off, and hardly review anything they taught. Definitely not the "good student" I used to be two months ago. Not to mention all the disastrous traffic I have to trek through with my ramshackle bike in the middle of a day. Most important of all―for God's sake, it's summer! I had my own schedule planned, but now they're all disintegrated, scattered about because of cram schools.

Now balancing between learning (cramming) knowledge and my enticing, fantastic, glamorous, mouth-watering (what?!) plans for summer is the huge challenge. Oh, and don't forget the famous Time Stealer― Mr.Computer. I guess if I keep him away as far as I can, I may have the slightest bit of chance to accomplish my do-everything-at-once challenge. Well, weaning myself from computer is another challenge. But everything has a solution, don't they?  Pep up, we can do it! (Hopefully)

Oh my goodness, this post is grouchy. Sorry, I promise I'll be more positive and less moody afterwards. (wink)

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