Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reading Log: Coraline

I know that this book was published a very long time ago, and I believe many of you have read it or watched the film or both! However, I just finished reading it a while ago; before that,  I had no idea how the book is or what it is about―not even the genre. Here I'm going to share my feelings and thoughts towards the book; for you, either you've read it or not, I hope you enjoy it, and maybe share your thoughts below!

Neil Gaiman
Coraline, a curious and adventurous girl, just moved to a big old house in a usually foggy land. The whole house, including the garden, had been explored by Coraline in the first few days except a locked door, which Coraline later found that there was nothing but a wall behind it. But things weren't that easy. She tried the door again while her parents are minding their own businesses. This time,  something different awaited on the other side. She met "the other" mom and dad and all her neighbors there, who were almost the same as her real ones....except they were paler, eviler and had sharp teeth and eyes made of buttons, except they ate beetles for snacks. Even worse,  her real parents were kidnapped by the other mother, who wanted Coraline to stay and change her eyes into buttons, and to take her soul and stay in the creepy place forever.
With a mysterious cat that could talk in the other world helping her along the way and her courage and wits, she not only saved her real parents and the kids captured years before, but also gave the other mother―the creater of every terrible things―very appropriate treatments: she locked her behind the door to the other world and tricked her hand that escaped to the real world into an  unfathomable well.
What I think about it:
The book is quite interesting with every surprising and strongly characterized living forms in it. However, in my opinion it's not as "frightening" or "terrifying" as described in the reviews on the cover. Well, opinions and feelings often differ depends on diverse point of views and people, so that's probably not so surprising. (Though I admit, the part of the other mother's hand creeping around and tapping and scratching people's window in nights is quite unnerving)
Somehow, "the other mother" made me think of my grandmother. Don't get me wrong,  she of course is not a evil creature that kidnap people's parents or sew buttons in their eyes.
It's some behaviors and scenes that gives them the similarities. My grandma wants her children and grandchildren beside her so she treated us really well to make us stay whenever we visit her. And she also "detains" our parents (by having tea with them). Who could blame her though? Living in the countryside only with Grandpa isn't real fun. Perhaps that's why "the other mother" wanted to keep Coraline...still,  her ways are disgusting.

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