Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Section: Reading Log

Something new is coming up! As you already knew, I'm obsessed in reading. It's such an amazing experience that no matter how many times I read, even the same book, I definitely don't want to forget it, and also hope everyone else can catch the feeling, the excitement, the delight, the affection, the thrill running up their spines.....Based on all those reasons, I decided to create a new section: "Reading Log"!

What's a Reading Log? You may guess, but definitely not this!

The name "Reading Log" comes from a project in my elementary school: we picked a book, read it and wrote the summary, so far so good. And then the harder part began. At first, we thought up questions about the book to ask others. They shouldn't be all about things written on the book, like "Who is the owner of the chocolate factory?" but something you can't find in the book, you have to gather all your imagination; like "Why does Willy Wonka want to re-open the factory and let those children visit it?" ,"If you were Willy Wonka, how would you punish the nasty kids?". These sorts of questions were asked to be asked then.
When some of us were more proficient in asking questions, our merciful teacher, again, offered us more advanced tasks. We then had to write one or two paragraphs of how we thought about the book, our suppositions or predictions about the author and the story. In short, It's like a book review.
It seems easy now, but I was like 10 or 11 at that time, and my mother tongue has never been English! Writing Reading Log was kind of tortuous and difficult, but now looking back, I'm very grateful for the teacher for making us read books and write in English. That really improved my English a lot.
As nostalgic as it seems, I want to start Reading Log again so I can review the "good old days" and write down the feelings and thoughts while reading a book. Years later, I'll look back and see everything I will have written and feel the same as I always feel now as I flip thorough the pages I had written before.
In addition, I want to share this interesting method of writing a book review. I'd like to know how you think about it and hope it'll help you when writing your book review!

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