Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Being a Voluntary Librarian

This summer, another big, big, big (*mimicking Effie*) event in my schedule is to help out in the library! I'm sorry, I forgot to mention it in the post Summer Plan, so to compensate, I'll talk about it here!

There are many reasons that I want to help in the library. A massive one is because I'm fascinated by the idea of surrounded by thousands of books, and in that amount of books, I'm sure I'll find something great! Another reason is I often used to occupy the seats there to study before exams very often, which is actually not allowed *shh....*. Oh, don't look at me like that, I did feel guilty!. That's why I'm here....to atone! And helping in the library also means helping citizens, that's also something meaningful, isn't it? C'mon, I'm not that realistic, it benefits everyone!

While I recently found that I don't have enough time to do everything I want, I quite enjoy spending my time in the library and doing all those bits and bobs. In such a quiet place it's hard not to feel serene. Though believe it or not, working in the library also somehow makes me ....go nuts!
Why? Keep reading if you want to know the reason!

1. In a sea of books.....
Imagine a truck full of all kinds of books in disorder and putting them on the shelf plus rearranging and sorting them by the tiny numbers on the books' "spines". Now multiply the number of the books. About 10000 times will do. Yes, the library I volunteered to work for has that many books. Oh, and don't forget there are CD's too.

2. Books don't stay put
The library is where people read, borrow and return books. And this one is, alas, located in one of the most populated area in the city, which means heaps of people come and go, taking flows of books in and out, anytime. Unless you have as many tentacles as two octopuses, it's barely possible to handle everything nice and neat.

3. Reservation: why so complicated?
We also provide the service of reserving books. If the book you want/reserved isn't at your local library, we help you by sending the book from other libraries to here. You take it home, read it and return it at any library. Then the complication starts: we gather all the returned books, sort them by which library they belong to, and the truck driver will send them back to each's home. How many libraries are there? Over twenty. But sometimes when people return books, we don't see the little tab (which tells where they belong) on a corner of the cover, and put them back on the shelves. So we often put books from other libraries in the wrong one, and when the next person who reserved it can't get it from the right library. Oops...where's the book? Perhaps it's currently in a library twenty miles away.

4. To read or not to read: that's the problem
A big part of the reason that I volunteer to help in the library, to be honest, is the books. The excitement that climbs up my limbs and spine when finding an intriguing book is almost addictive. The idea of sitting right down on the floor and starting reading is irresistible, flipping the pages softly,  soaking in the stories inside.....WAIT! I'm here to help. To work. What am I doing here, reading instead of arranging the books? One can't do the work in which he doesn't have enthusiasm. I totally agree with that, the problem is I can't concentrate on the work...sad beautiful tragic love story, isn't it?
So those pretty sums up the reason why I sometimes am as nutty as a walnut pie. Or an almond cookie, whatever. And sometimes like a zombie lurking around....

BUT they're just little flaws, which will never ever cover the brilliance of the library!
Have you ever been a volunteer? If not, I strongly recommend it, and if you have, congratulations! Feel free to comment, or even better, share your experiences!

(Oh yes, another part of the work I find very interesting yet a little frightening is to shush people and tell them to be quiet. Doing this makes me feel like someone bigger, shushing and scaring kids are so fun. HEHEHE.
No.Let's face the truth, there's never a work called shushing, that's crazy. Yes, I made it up, but I refuse to atone for that. Don't ask why, I also refuse to tell you.)**still,keep quiet in the library please! That's the rule!**

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