Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Winter's Over, Spring Begins!

Don't misunderstand: it's summer now--boiling, melting, blazing summer--feels like it couldn't be anymore hotter(unfortunately, it's just June, which means there are two more hotter months...).So the title, obviously, is metaphorical.

If you're an old reader of my blog and you're patient and so kind to keep on visiting my blog, you would find that it's been a really long time since the last entry of my blog post (like, almost half a year ago). I have to say SORRY to everyone and my poor little blog, no one should be left alone like this. So here's the main reason, also the topic of this blog post: the "Basic Competency Test", of which the score will decide the high school we go to in the future. I have to say that's not only my winter, but a nightmare. Most students prepare for the test for months, it's like now or never because we've only got one chance. As for me, save for eight hours at school, I also spent two hours in the library studying. In one year, I re-studied all the subjects of whole three years in junior high, and still I'm not the most hard-working student.

 Well, we have some projects such as "no test, less stress and go to high school that depends on how good your school score was", but high schools that accepted that project and students from it are most vocational schools, and the academic high school I wanted to go to is so stingy that it didn't give a s**t of enough quota (yeah, they want examees instead of students who have good behaviors, huh?) Anyway, since we had only one chance, it's far more stressful than students two years ago―they had two chances. (Though they also have disadvantages apiece. The taking-the-test-twice program students suffered longer) As I just experienced the test, I can say it's quite grueling, apprehending, not to mention it's a two-day test. After enduring it all...believe it or not, I feel a little empty and goalless. Don't get me wrong, I'm SUPER happy and relieved. I, finally, can do anything fun without guilt, not read any book surreptitiously, and most important of all, get enough sleep. So here's the problem: which should I do first? It feels so surreal to be leisure sharp after the crazy hectic preparations and test.

My head's still up in the clouds, can't believe it's over, I guess. Now looking back , all those hard working and suffering may worth a little. Still a nightmare ( just look at those test papers and text books! Believe it or not, they're just the tip of an iceberg!) Now here's another problem to overcome, and I know that this summer won't be as leisure as I imagined, as the fact that I have to pre-study senior high school's lessons, but! It's a sweet burden, and I believe it'll be sweet as long as IT'S VACATION! My beautiful spring has finally come. Yipee!!!

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