Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Plans

Summer! Two and a half months. Ninety days (actually, only sixty-three left now...WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MELODY??)

In all honesty, I've been waiting for this for almost three years,since the moment I stepped into junior high school, I knew I wanted to get out of the place badly. During the past two years I've suffered, struggled and been through tests of all kinds, only Lord knows how much I need this summer, to cool my school-work-crammed brain, to revive my exhausted soul, to relax and relieve my stressed (and perhaps a bit depressed) heart.
On the other hand, it's time to have some fun,do something more meaningful than school work (gets slapped upside the head), something I've been dying to do for years! So I'll write them down here, keep them like resolutions and also as reminders.

Learn French : 
 Actually, I wanted to learn another language when I was like, twelve or so, but I never did accomplish. As my interests in languages gained and my realization of the importance of knowing different languages in this world grew, I'm much determined now. And hey, isn't French lovely? Though I have only two months left now, I hope I can at least hold simple, fluent conversations in French by the end of these two months and keep the ability in spite of the tedious works from school as it begins. Next year, perhaps I'll try Spanish!

Exercise more :
 I know I already ride a bike like a maniac to school everyday, but merely 10 minutes isn't enough for me. Plus, the stress of the big test and lack of sleeping has made me completely out of shape. After all, I don't want to be huffing and puffing like a puppy every time I exercise, and the pathetic height of 154 cm also motivates me a lot....haha. I plan to go jogging at least three times a week, walk or ride a bike instead of taking subway or a car if possible, and go swimming ( if there's a swimming pool which is not crowded...) Oh, and of course, playing basketball with my friends! That's real fun!

Plan a trip abroad :
Well....I don't know how to think about this. Don't get me wrong, I'm insanely stoked in this, I can sit at the computer and work all day for this (which is quite difficult because we have only one computer but everyone wants to use it). It's just super exciting planning all these; flight tickets, hostels, schedules, routines, viewing the monuments, museums, not to mention the picturesque scenes! But I'm also intensely worried that the plan won't work, maybe we'll miss the plane, maybe the hostel no longer exists and was bought by a canning factory, maybe I didn't arrange the transaction of our identifications properly so that we can't pass the Customs, I might miss something anytime.....I hope it'll be all right eventually, so it'll surely turn out a magnificent trip!

Don't even mention this! I could talk about books I want to read for hours (trust me, I tried it before). Okay....I'll try to keep it short. Sooooo, here we go! I've got loads of books I want to read: The Mistborn Trilogy, The Hunger Games, Insurgent, The Host,"三國演義"(you can ignore that one), Quirkology, and the magazines Scientific American and BBC Knowledge about ten each. And the ebooks from Wattpad! Woop woop! I'm so greedy, aren't I. So maybe some book reviews will be up lately!

Get a part-time job:
Summer means lots of free time. Lots of free time means lots of activities. Lots of activities, well, cost lots of money. Since I was fifteen, it's legitimate for me to work. Working is a brand new experience, but I know it'll be quite tough and tiring (due to the weariness my parents show at night); I'll try my best.....if I can find a job. Though I already hit the threshold of being hired, I doubt any hirer want a fifteen-year-old teen. I don't know. Perhaps I can wash dishes. Or deliver newspaper. Or send flyers. Or.....what do you think?

Seems like I'll have a busy summer! But I'm sure it won't be as boring as school, and I'll be much happier!

P.s. here's another article about summer by A Beautyfull Word, I wish I could think of something as beautiful as the prologue, but I can't. Her writing is great, check it out :)

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