Thursday, August 29, 2013

High School―Heaven or Hell?

After my happy graduation and wonderful summer, follows the inevitable high school. High school, two words easily understood separately but together dreadfully enigmatic for me. I haven't the faintest idea of how it is like and right now, I'm far beyond nervous. Gosh, I'm even scared! Maybe I have school-phobia?

From the tiny bit of information source I have, it's a place full of: a)teachers who like to give unreasonably difficult and complicated tests and questions for us students and love to see us fail for their own pleasure, b)officers/soldiers to discipline us, c)geniuses d) "trigonometric function", "calculus ", "parabola", more math lessons that I can't even read their names properly; tons of boring reciting in Chinese plus the old-fashioned kind, which will be extremely useful if you live in China 1500 years ago―just imagine speaking Shakespearean English now...yeah, something like that, e)ridiculous rules like "wear white socks only, no black, no grey, no any other colors", ", and f) to top it all off, another exam for university two and a half years later. Impressive, huh? And intimidating.

On the other hand, high school is also  abundant in fun extra curricular activities like clubs, sports fair, camping etc. ( I didn't have those in the past three years...what a shame) Some even say their three years in high school were the happiest time in their life, it's really hard to imagine that though.

Now I'm so worried and anxious that I'm simply on the edge of my sanity, crossing it to insane anytime (perhaps I've already crossed that...)Well,  I don't usually knock it until I try it, wanting to be as objective as possible so I'll let you know how it's like right after *sigh* school starts (if you're interested in that). Have your lens polished to see how it is and wish me good luck! Lord only knows how much I need that.

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