Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lunar New Year

Being a Taiwanese is such a privilege, having two new year holidays!

It's the second "new year" in 2013, one is the worldwide new year(1/1); and the other is the new year of the lunar calendar. For adults like my dad and mom this means that they can finally have a week off and sleep until 10 am or so. For my grandparents it means they can get together with their loved ones and take a good look at them, which is not very often(mine live in a big house in the country). And for we kids, it means VACAAAAATION! Playing with cousins and looking at the amazing creatures and plants in my grandpa's yard, hanging around without being nagged at--what's better than this?

Oh and I have something quite important to say (not relevant to the paragraph above): Since I am a busy (and lazy) student, I don't have much time to write on the blog everyday, so you might find the date of the posts strange sometimes. That means I'm too lazy (wished I could say busy:p) to finish a whole post that day (it often takes more than three days to finish and submit it lol). Blogging is really fun and enjoyable though, so I won't stop blogging!;)

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