Saturday, February 23, 2013


There's some times you need nothing but a big hug and cry out loud like a 3-year-old kid. Even grownups or "half grownups" (like me) does that.

And that's what just happened to me yesterday. So embarrassing.

I think that's just giving vent to the extremely horrible emotions and the great amount of stress and resentment (mostly towards school and myself) going on lately. And well, I cried and asked for a hug, BUT that doesn't mean I'm vulnerable. There are many ways to give vent to dissatisfaction, such as writing them down, sleeping, destroying things (which is very effective but not so comfortable to others), shouting and screaming, crying, talk to friends and family etc, for me, the most effective way so far is to say it out loud, say how much I hate , face to face. Yeah I know that's mean but what's the point if you don't tell people your thoughts? Thankfully I seldom do that. It's hard to keep the feelings to myself and not to hurt anyone else though.

Back to the topic, hugs. It's so hard for me to admit that I'm sometimes weak, so when I need hugs I'm always about to say it then swallow the words back in the last minute. Cool kid again. But this time I eventually said that and got the hug, so warm, so true. I appreciate that. Even though the person I talked to said I can have it just like a three year old kid needs  it. Well, it's okay for people to be three years old sometimes.

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