Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dog Day

My mom did something crazy (again)!

Ok, here's some facts about my family for understanding the following article better:
1.My mom's the kind of person like " hmm that sounds great, whatever it is let's do it NOW!", she does things on her impulse.(well, in most of my experiences of seeing her shopping)
2.We haven't had pets since our last fish died about four years ago. And we've never had any furry pets.
3.My home is VERY messy.

And this is what happened:

My mom just popped in at the front door while I was having my weekend "breakfast"(lunch actually) cozily. My dad saw her first, and from what he said I could suppose how shocked he was:"what the hell is THAT?!"(okay, I edited some of his words exaggerating how I think he felt but that's exactly what I felt) and as I saw that, I thought that I didn't feel cozy anymore...because it's a DOG, a creature that barks and bites and poops everywhere! What's more, where is it from? So she had certainly made a huge invisible shock wave as soon as she arrived.
I learned later that she's my mom's yoga teacher's dog( is it understandable?)and was going to stay here for a day and night! During the whole afternoon my mom is sleeping,my little brother went to cram school, my big brother too afraid (yes, afraid) to come out of his room and my dad went to his little "farm"(I might talk about it in a post later), they left me alone with the dog. I was supposed to study but I just couldn't leave the dog hanging around and loitering, in case she mix up everything. What's more, she's so darmed cute and always looked at me so innocently that I couldn't leave her alone or dislike her, though she's also very troublesome. She always looked at me "desirously" as I eat, then separated every piece of bread I gave her (that's safe for a dog to eat, right?), so I had to stare at her every moment and find out where she hid the bread. Gosh, give me a break! I'm SO glad she left finally, though she's really cute and smart.

The conclusion is, I'd better not have a dog for pet, it's just too tiring!

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