Monday, January 28, 2013

Something About Reading

A fact about me: I LOVE reading.

I'm nearly a bookworm(not for text books, hehe) and seeing some books really adrenalinize me!(so guess where all my money in the piggy bank has gone? (oops)

BUT!(yes, the "but" *sighs*) just like everyone, I don't have enough time. As I mentioned, so many books (like The Hunger Games, Mistborn, the BBC Knowledge magazines...etc. Anyone agrees ? Hands up!:)) are so exciting, that there is a massive pile of books on both sides of my desk and also loads of them on the shelf behind me. Ooh and by the way has anyone read The Minds of Billy Milligant ? (sorry, I'm reading it these days)

Anyway, I have my school work up to the elbows so apparently I don't really have the chance to read as much as I can. TOO SAD.

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