Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I've been so excited these days because Taylor Swift's new (okay, not new, but still the latest) album "Red" which I ordered several days ago has finally arrived!

Before this, I could only listen to some of her songs on Youtube. The problem is, there's only one computer at home and just can't stand quarrelling with my two computer-game-addicted brothers all the time about who's turn to use the computer. So I ordered this CD then I can listen to the songs in my room without interference.

After listening to all the songs, I'd say all of them are so great. The melodies are so beautiful, and the lyrics are creative! They give me great pleasure though most are about love between men and women , which I'm not really interested in.

Songs I like most are Red, 22 and Starlight: I somehow "feel red" when listening--red as in passionate and joy! Have any feelings or thoughts? Feel free to comment!

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