Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year

Happy new year, everyone! Sorry to be so late(I have problems in adapting myself to school after a holiday, oops). But for me, it's still a new year- just 3/365 of a year!

 So has anyone been to a countdown party on New Year's Eve? I don't know if people in other countries have this kind of activity, but in Taiwan, we have loads of them though I have never been in one before. I think it's not my type of activity--jostling against people and listening to noises(screamings and shoutings the most) , and I just can't stand watching fireworks while smoke flows everywhere.

 What's more, I think it's quite a waste of money. I mean, having ONE countdown party is okay, but everywhere?(  not small parties at home  but huge ones outside, millions of people!) It's like burning money(ugh, "Chinglish". Hope you understand what I meant) ,especially when they lit the fireworks and let them explode.

(Too  old-fashioned opinions for a fourteen-year-old? Maybe. Haha. I'm a really strange person, having both conservative and crazy thoughts. You'll see)

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