Thursday, January 17, 2013

Final's Finally Finished

As you learned from the title, the final exam is over! Since I've been studying so hard( still convincing myself , hehe) and SO stressed out (that's true, though), let's stop worrying and ignore those nasty test papers and the answers now. There's nothing I can do for them! I just want to indulge myself a little and relax!

Aaaaand what's next? WINTER BREAK!!!!! That's what my sleepless body and over-worked brain need badly. According to my teacher, " Winter break? No way! Only 142 days to the test for senior high school, there's no more time to waste, so STUDY HARD!", I still have to go to school in the first nine days of winter break, but thanks god, only the morning, the afternoon is free (still filled with text books, work books and homework, at least won't need to be disciplined, hurray! )

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