Sunday, January 6, 2013


HEY GUYS, guess what? I'm fifteen! Yesterday I was fourteen, but today, I'm  fifteen!

 Is anything different? To me, everything is the same-I'm still the little nerd who wears different socks at the same time deliberately(aka "crazy socks"!), still hardly ever concern about fashion or things happening between boys and girls, no interest in shopping(well, except for books and food) , nothing like the song Fifteen(by Taylor Swift). What's more, I think I still look thirteen (only about 154cm of height, which makes me pretty anxious-what if I just stop growing and  keep this height for like fifty years when all the others are so tall?)After all , I think the age is nothing to do with the innermost you!

(Ok, one thing different: have to deal with greater amount of school work , tests and stress...)

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