Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hello, blog, friends strangers, or whoever comes here! Since I've been reading some blogs on the internet lately, I decided to be a blogger myself.

My friends, don't panic. I know, I'm Taiwanese, and I am writing in English now. I haven't gone crazy(maybe). I just want to practice my English writing skills and I think one of the best ways is to write on a blog.

People that I don't know, as you see, my mother tongue isn't English, so please excuse me if I have something wrong here and tell me how to fix it. Any rational, appropriate criticism will be accepted. Thanks a lot!

Oh, and the title of the blog? It's mostly about my dreams. I love the stars in the sky, and studying astronomy (get real...I'm an amateur ). And I'm obsessed in reading. I read almost every thing, especially fictions. (but hey, I also read magazines like Scientific American!) So there, Stars and Stories!

Again, thank you for taking your precious time to read my blog!

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